Can I Just Say…

That I’m always amazed

How sometimes the little things

 Can make all the difference

Fresh coat of paint, $0 (from my paint closet).  Two glass knobs, $3 (from Pier 1 Clearance).  Total time, 20 minutes.  Total cost, $3.


Although now I see I need to relevel the doors.

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I am quite possibly the worst procrastinator ever.  I realize this is not news to anyone who’s been following along for any amount of time,  but I feel like it bears repeating. (And no, I’m still not done with the Pinwheel Quilt).


So, remember that ugly old thrifted light fixture that I turned into a cloche last year?  I bought this one at the same time.

I’m embarassed to admit it, but I painted it at the same time as well.  Hey, as long as I had the spray paint out…

The next weekend, I planned to install it.  What was that, November?

I wanted to get rid of this boring, contractor standard, not very bright little number right here in my side entry.

I pulled that ugly thing down and got all set to put up my new super cute lantern.  When I went to hang it, I realized I was going to have to shorten the chain a bit if I didn’t want  tall normal sized people hitting their heads.  As I was shortening the chain, some paint flaked off.

That’s right.  I painted it before I made all the mechanical adjustments.  Genius.

I’ll admit I got frustrated.  I tossed the light into my living room and let it sit on a table.  For eight months.

The most pathetic part?  I didn’t even bother to put the old light back up.  I’ve been doing laundry in the dark for the better part of a year.

Even more sad is that every time I went through that entryway, I flipped the switch.  As if light was magically going to appear.  I never got used to it being unlit.

Not until I realized I have company coming next week for a barbecue and there are bare wires hanging from the ceiling in my entryway did I bother to readdress the light fixture situation.

The other day, I mounted that sucker to the ceiling, sprayed a bit of the oil rubbed bronze onto a paper plate, and touched up the exposed brass with a brush.

It literally took me fifteen minutes.

I absolutely love how it looks!  Plus, it hangs a bit lower than the old light, so I actually get some illumination into the laundry closet, so I can ACTUALLY SEE WHAT I’M DOING!!!!

I’m kicking myself for not getting it done months ago.  This light makes me happy every time I look at it!!!  It’s amazing what a $4 light and a can of spray paint can do!

 What projects do ya’ll have laying around waiting to be finished!?

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Merry Christmas To Me

So, on top of having a million things to do to get ready for Christmas, I had a little DIY project today that I just couldn’t wait to do (although I intended to).

I have wanted a new dishwasher ever since I bought this house more than five years ago.  The dishwasher that came with the house would *operate* but it wasn’t really a dishwasher.  More like a dish sanitizer.  You had to wash any and all food off the dishes before you loaded them in.  Plus, it made so much noise that it could only be run when I wasn’t at home.

After a loooong time of saving pocket change in a big jar, I finally had the cash to order this little baby during the Lowe’s Black Friday sale.  I knew it was kind of a hectic time to order a new dishwasher, but it was on sale for such a great price I had to grab it (or I’d be saving spare change for at least another six months).

It was supposed to arrive a week ago, but it was on back order so I wasn’t able to get it until yesterday.  I fully intended to take delivery, then put it in the corner of the kitchen and install it sometime after the Christmas rush.  But I was baking cookies, and it was just… sitting there in it’s box, begging me to install it.

I couldn’t resist.  I set aside all the baking, wrapping, and last minute gift-making that had to be done and got to work.  It took me a couple of hours (including 45 minutes for a trip to Lowe’s to pick up a fitting I didn’t know I’d need) to install by myself.  Well, actually, I had the help of Kona who could not be persuaded that the big hole under the kitchen counter is not a new doghouse for him.  Anyway, we got it done.  And it works.  And nobody was electrocuted/drowned in a kitchen flood/set on fire.

I’m now even *more* behind on what I need to get done, but I think it was worth it!

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