It’s the Most Wonderful Time…

I have to admit that I’m in full-on, 100% Christmas mode now.  It always starts the day after Thanksgiving, when my family heads off into the woods to cut down our Christmas tree.  We look at every tree in the field, trying to find the “perfect” tree.  Somehow, we always end up going back to the first tree we spotted.  And every year, the trees get bigger.

Here’s the tree we finally decided on.

It’s every bit of 12′ tall – we measured it after we cut it!  My parents have 9′ ceilings, but we trim off the bottom and use the greenery for decorating around the house.

The mega-tree totally dwarfed my Dad’s station wagon.

Seriously, is that not ridiculous?

When we finally got that bad boy home, my Dad begun the long tedious process of stringing the lights in it.  He has the technique down perfectly, I’ve never seen anyone light a tree as well as he does.  Perhaps next year, I’ll ask him to make a tutorial…

Meanwhile, my Mom gets out all the Christmas music and loads up the CD changer.  Traditionally, since we begin decorating on Black Friday, that’s also the first day we listen to Christmas music.  Over time, it evolved into a strict “No Christmas Music Before Black Friday” policy, primarily enforced by my youngest brother (all in fun, of course).

After the tree is all lit up, it’s time to decorate.  Decorating the tree is a bit of a ritual at our house.  The majority of our ornaments
are either handmade or souvenirs (more on that another day), so there is a lot of reminiscing as we pull each ornament out of the box.

I have to say, I think our tree beats a magazine tree every year.  There’s nothing like a tree covered with memories of years past to really get you in the holiday spirit.  And oh, that fresh cut tree smell!

So, that’s the kickoff to our Christmas season.  How do you get your holidays rolling?

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  1. WOW THAT is quite possibly the BIGGEST Christmas tree I have ever seen! The picture of it on the car totally looks like something off of National Lampoon or something! And I have to say, your dad does a GREAT job with the lights! The tree is beautiful!

    Thanks so much for linking up! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, that tree makes mine look like a Charlie Brown tree, :) haha. I love it. I’ve always wanted to get one that big. It looks so pretty.

  3. Wow that is a fat tree! I love fat trees! You did a great job decorating too :)

  4. That is one humongously fat tree! It looks as big around as our 12 foot artificial one in the great room. No pics of that one yet- only 5 of my trees..It is so big around it doesn’t look that tall! And I have 18f foot ceilings in there! It’s nice that you have some ornaments that mean something special to your family. :-)
    Sue recently posted..More Christmas TreesMy Profile

  5. That is awesome! I have to feature this this week:) Thanks for linking up!

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