Doing Good for Kona – February Progress

I was really feeling like February was not a great month for my 2013 resolution to Do Good.  It’s comforting to look back over my photos from the month and see that I did more than I remembered.

I destashed some of my vintage linens to raise some money to donate toward Cooper & Lego’s veterinary bills.  You can read the story of these two sweet pups if you like.  I even had one sweet friend donate even though she didn’t buy anything from the destash!

Again this month, I made lots of promotional “fliers” for adoption meet & greets for the Humane Society.

I had the honor of making two extra January blocks for Do. Good Stitches for Amber (Ambernoel!) was finally blessed with the baby she’s been waiting to adopt for three years.

I felt called to make a donation to FITCO Cares, the charity started by Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal who was killed attempting to help a fellow veteran with PTSD.  As a Navy and Air Force granddaughter, and a Marine Corps sister, charities serving our veterans are very close to my heart.

I ordered a bulk back of leashes and collars to be sent to the local animal shelter for use in their Dog Walk/Adopt-a-thon event

I traveled to Norfolk, VA to visit my younger brother.  While he and I were eating at a Panera, I handed my debit card to the cashier and asked her to use my card to pay for the lunch of all the sailors that came in to eat.  It was easily the most fun I had all month – seriously, if you ever get the chance, do this!  It feels amazing.

I wrote countless handwritten notes to local businesses asking them to sponsor the Humane Society’s golf tournament.  I think I’m up to about 40 notes right now.

I drove my first transport leg, carrying Lennox (who you see there riding shotgun) and two other dogs (crated in the backseat) on one stretch of their journey north to rescue organizations who were waiting for them.  The dogs were so sweet and it felt great carrying them a little closer to their new homes.

I finished another shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.  That particular one is for a 2-4 year old boy.

Volunteered at the animal shelter’s Adopt-A-Thon.  I largely did laundry – washing all those dogs before an event uses up a lot of towels!  20 dogs and 2 cats were adopted that day alone, which is HUGE for this area.  One couple even drove 200 miles to adopt one of the cats they saw on the website1

I’ve sewed one February block for Do. Good Stitches this month, and then I came down with a serious headcold, so the other two (one for me and one for Amber) will be in next month’s tally.

I’m really enjoying keeping track through pictures like this.  I think it even spurs me on to do more.



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